2022 Best Sellers

A lot of tables were purchased in 2022 year, waiting to be inside of their forever home. Hours and hours of hard work, creating unforgettable pieces, paid off. Even though every table on our website is unique and beautiful, these are most definitely the ones that stood out. The 2022 best sellers list includes a mix of modern and traditional designs from our collection. Each table has their own special vibe; making sure that each family has extra laughter and many smiles all around when placed in their home. 


The Braylon Asterisk/Double Asterisk

  • This versatile design can be put in an office, dining room, kitchen, etc. The popularity grew due to its modern, fashionable look; a piece that will turn heads when spotted in your home. This is a trendy favorite many are intrigued by, especially this year. People are always looking to stay in the loop when it comes to trends. This table is appealing for the ones who are interested in showing off a cutting edge idea that came to life. 

Check out the Braylon Asterisk and Double Asterisk on our website!


The Weston Double Pedestal

  • From the beginning, the Weston Pedestal has been a fan favorite. One of the first designs that introduced our company to the world of high quality tables. An original that started it all. The intricate, nostalgic design is what keeps it in style. A traditional, classic piece that customers still love and add to their home. Adding this timeless classic to your dining room will undoubtedly make it stand out. If you’re looking for a table to hand down to your children, this is the one for you. With custom selections you’re able to create your dream table in your own unique style. 

Check out the Weston Double Pedestal on our website!

The Braylon Austin

  • A handsome design with intersecting legs and stable structure. With its iron base and modern style, the Braylon Austin is a showstopper. Luxury workspace-focused but can turn into a dining table, communal table, conference table, etc! The perfect addition to your home. Whether it is used as a desk or dining table, the Braylon Austin makes every room shine. That is certainly guaranteed! 

Check out the Braylon Austin on our website!

The Emerson

  • Last but not least, the Emerson is another traditional classic that was designed in the beginning. One of our original designs with the purpose of being more rustic in nature. This distinctive trestle-style table has recently broken through the frontlines of modern design. A contemporary piece that was built as a homage to traditional craftsmanship. The table provides more than enough leg room and maximizes seating for the perfect family dinner. 

Check out the Emerson on our website!

Check out these magnificent custom made designs and consider adding them to your home this upcoming year! Our website is our virtual catalog full of pieces waiting to provide a sense of comfort for you in 2023.

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