About Us

About Us

"At Rustic Trades, we make furniture that will create lasting memories for a lifetime."

Rustic Trades is a custom, handmade furniture company based out of Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado. We specialize in building beautiful, handcrafted farm tables that will serve as a gathering place to celebrate life around with one another. Rustic Trades is driven by quality to ensure we bring you the best of craftsmanship, design, and aesthetic. As we continue to grow, our vision remains the same: To handcraft heirloom furniture for your family and home that will last for generations. Rustic Trades is proud to be a homegrown, American business.

We understand your investment is more than just a piece of furniture. It’s an article to live life around, to celebrate, to work, and to grow. It becomes the heartbeat of your home or office, unique to you and one-of-a-kind. That’s why each piece of furniture we handcraft is tailored especially for you and designed to revolve around your lifestyle.

Rustic Wood Furniture Johns Creek

Start by selecting your favorite model, then choose from an array of options including size, finish, wood species, and even the level of distressing. The aesthetic details are all up to you.

Once you’ve made your custom selections, your project receives the sole attention of our craftsmen, who bespoke engineer each table, desk and barn door from scratch in one of our shops located in Georgia and Colorado.

We pour over every detail to ensure your vision is brought to life. Using only domestic hardwoods native to the United States, quality carpentry techniques and the finest finishes available, you can rest assured your custom piece will be enjoyed for generations.