Care Instructions


At Rustic Trades we offer several main types of furniture finishes. Below we will walk you through our suggested cleaning methods for each. If your finish does not fall into one of these categories feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

For a Lacquer or Conversion Varnish finish, we recommend simply using water on cloth to clean your custom furniture. As always, with all of our finishes, please avoid direct harsh chemicals like commercial grade cleaners as much as possible. When needed use only less harsh natural/organic cleaners.

For Monocoat finishes (indoor and outdoor) we recommend using mild dish soap and water for daily cleaning and Monocoat recommends this product for a deeper clean. This finish can also be re-activated with this product to enhance the quality and look of the finish. You can apply the product as little as once a year to as often as you desire to depend on heavily used your surface is. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the Monocoat website!

Crumbs / Dust

If you have purchased a Farm-Seamed top you will inevitably get dust or crumbs in the cracks. A vacuum is an easy fix to get rid of them. If you have a sticky substance in the cracks use a soft bristle brush and water.

Maintain A Quality Finish

To help maintain the integrity of the finish keep direct heat and sharp objects away from the finished surface. Indoor tables are meant for indoor spaces with controlled temperatures.

Still have questions about caring for your piece of custom furniture? Contact us for more information!