Customize Your Own

"When ordering your table we offer many custom options to make it truly one of a kind."

Ultimately, we want your table to be yours in every way. We understand that your purchase is of the utmost importance so we focus on the specifics of what you want in your new piece. On each product page there is a “CUSTOMIZE NOW” button that will provide you with an array of options including size, finish and wood species. The aesthetic details are all up to you.

Once you’ve made your custom selections, your project receives the sole attention of our craftsmen, who bespoke engineer each farm table, desk and barn door from scratch in one of our shop located in Canton, Georgia.

Our custom options are as follows:


custom built table atlanta

First you start with one of our dining table models. Our farm tables are named by their base design, not the top. Once you pick the model/base you like then we can start with the customization.


custom shape table

This is easy. We offer 4 types to top shapes: Rectangle, Round, Square and Oval. Some shapes are limited to the model and visa versa- For instance, if you like a round top, please be sure to select a pedestal option. (Jameson or Weston… And depending on how large of a round, we may recommend a double or triple pedestal!) We also offer Live Edge Slab tops… Please call us if you are interested.


We offer standard sizes for all of our dining table models and shapes. However, if you are looking for a unique size to compliment your space, we will be happy to build based on your custom specs! In the “Customize Now” section of the table model, select “custom” and enter your custom dimensions.


custom table color

Our color options are a combination of wood species and coloring. We use three different types of hardwood for our tops: Cherry (Standard), Walnut, and White Oak. Each of these species have different color options. Here they are:


table top style

We offer several one-of-a-kind custom table top options crafted from top-quality hardwoods, each with its own distinct character:

  • Farm Rough Sawn: Our Standard Farm Top, visibly seams, slightly uneven boards, practical for dining. 2.5-2.75″ thick.
  • Farm Surfaced: Farm Rough Sawn top except without the rough saw (smooth surface). Has visible seams with a cleaner look. The focus is less on the distressing and more on the wood grain. 2.5-2.75″ thick.
  • Seamless Slab: Crafted from your hardwood selection into one solid, smooth slab top. No rough sawn texture. A clean, modern look. 1.5″-1.75″ thick.
  • Live Edge- Supplemented: A live edge flitch or section added to a seamless slab top for a stunning, all-natural live edge. 1.5″-1.75″ thick. Also available in Maple and White Oak.
  • Live Edge- Bookmatched: Two or three sections joined together to give a mirrored look in the grain. 1.5″-1.75″ thick. Also available in Maple and White Oak.
  • Live Edge- Full Width: One slab, full grain, width to width for the perfect slab. Custom cut from a tree for your final table dimensions. This is the highest quality, most sought after table we offer.

See Below picture for example images:


Farm Category- The “Farm” Top is built to a generous thickness of 2 3/4 inches. The farm top is constructed on a frame or skirt with visible seams between each board, and cross boards on each end that we refer to as the breadboards.

table texture
  • Farm – Noticeable seams, Rough sawn (saw marks), distressed, rustic, beautiful.
  • Surfaced – Noticeable seams, NON Roughsawn, smooth, cleaner look, brings out the wood grain.

Slab Category- Our Seamless Slab is built with thicker material and constructed without a skirt or frame. Each board runs the length of the entire dining table and is joined together to create a seamless, smooth top. The Seamless Slab looks like one clean, solid piece of wood.


1.5″ Seamless Slab- (Our standard) – A sleek option for a cleaner, more modern feel. Commonly used for office spaces, conference tables, or a contemporary design.


table rustic finish atlanta

We believe that our farm tables are only as rustic as the wood we use to build them. Many people have different expectations of what a rustic table looks like so it is important that you understand what level of rusticness you are ordering. We have created three categories of rusticness that you can choose when placing an order. Each level requires more or less attention from our creative craftsmen. Our material arrives with varying amounts of knots and holes in each board. The wood material is heavy and takes a lot of time to sift through to find the right board for our customer’s preferences. So, finding ONLY boards with no holes and very few knots is very difficult and time-consuming. This is why we charge a small fee for each level of rusticness.

Description of each level of “rusticness”

  • Heavy: We find boards that have significant rustic features like long, deep knots and unique holes. A heavy rustic table will have a few knots/depressions on random boards as well as more holes varying in size.
  • Standard: We find material that matches our description of a very practical, usable, friendly dining table. A standard table had a couple of small knots and a couple of small holes the size of the tip of your pinky finger. This description is how we designed and envisioned our farm tables to be. You can be confident that your standard rustic table will be unique, beautiful, and ONE OF A KIND!
  • Clean: We dig deep and I mean deep to find material that has NO holes and limited, small knots with close to no depressions. We do our best to keep the rustic look while avoiding the cookie-cutter, manufactured look that other table manufacturers provide. We believe that the natural knots and holes of the table are what make the dining table unique. However, we understand that many people desire a rustic table that looks “less rustic.” This is why we are happy to accommodate your wishes.


We are often asked if we can build leaf extensions for your dining table, and the answer is yes! We have designed a leaf system that allows for easy extensions to create more space and comfortability around the table for all of your guests. It’s a simple setup and adds no hassle to dinner party preparation.

Our optional leaf system is 12-16″extensions (depending on the design) for farm tables that are 5′ or longer. Our leaves require a certain dining table length to ensure design strength and sturdiness.

After your heart is set on a dining table model, the option to add leaves will be available. Please contact our sales team to get a quote for your custom build!