Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take get my order?

Custom, handmade farm tables are our specialty. We don’t have a warehouse stocked full of dining tables and furniture that we can ship out the door in an instant. From start to finish, we can typically build a farm table in 10-14 days. You may have been told “your dining table will be ready to ship in 6-12weeks” — and well, that’s true. We have several orders in the works before we’ve received yours, so although it doesn’t take that many weeks to build, your estimated “wait time” is still 6-12+ weeks! We are always working hard and doing our best to quicken our build time. We do offer rush delivery options at half of the current lead time. However, there will be an added fee added to the price. Please contact our team to get specifics on the current timeline.

2. Do you have a showroom where I can see your tables?

Our showroom is strategically situated within our wood shop. Clients who have visited us have found the experience of exploring the showroom and touring our manufacturing facility enjoyable. We look forward hosting you!

3. What if I change my mind on the stain color…exact size…bench or no bench…etc?

Good news! Based on what we just told you about how long it takes to build your custom furniture — we do allow a little flexibility in the event you change your mind. We are constantly amazed at what ideas our customers present us with, and we know you are after the most perfect fit for your space. So be in touch, we are more than happy to do some tweaking if needed. We can best accommodate these changes if you contact us within a week or two of placing your order — that way we can be sure to have the materials needed to keep you on schedule.

4. What kind of materials do you use for your tables and furniture?

All of our tables are made with American hardwoods. There are some cases where we will use exotic hardwoods. For our Braylon models, we use a variety of industrial steel and hardwoods. Many of our wooden table bases are made with a different hardwood than the top. These bases are stained to complement the top and to add a uniqueness that can only be provided by Rustic Trades. In some cases, the table base can be made with the same hardwood as the top for a premium upgrade.

5. I want my table rustic but not too rustic. Is this an option?

We believe that our farm tables are only as rustic as the wood we use to build them. Many people have different expectations of what a rustic table looks like so it is important that you understand what level of rusticness you are ordering. We have created three categories of rusticness that you can choose when placing an order. Each level requires more or less attention from our creative craftsman. Our material arrives with varying amounts of knots and holes in each board. Most boards have one or two knots and maybe a hole. Some boards have no holes with a knot while very few have No holes with maybe a small knot or depression. Wood material is heavy and takes a lot of time to shift through to find the right board for our customers preference. So, finding ONLY boards with no holes and very few knots is very difficult and time consuming. This is why we charge a small fee for each level of rusticness.

Description of each level of “rusticness.”

6. What have you found to be the easiest way to ship heavy, bulky furniture to my front door?

If you have a truck, come on over! We’re not opposed to letting you be a part of this process, but we will assist you in getting your furniture safely in your home and installing it in that perfect space. We use private movers for our local Atlanta deliveries and the majority of our deliveries throughout the southeast region. We use a freight company to assist us with those deliveries outside our immediate reach.

Once your order leaves our shop, it is in the hands of a trusted mover. It is our goal to provide an estimated cost of delivery, but once we coordinate final arrangements, we will then just send you the bill. It’s that easy.

7. How much is it going to cost for delivery?

We price our delivery cost “per mile” (from our zip code to yours). This generally includes a basic order for a dining table and bench. (If you have multiples pieces or a rather large customized order, that will probably cost a little extra.)
We ensure our deliveries are a full “White Glove Delivery” — meaning your farm table gets fully installed in your room of choice, by a friendly face, and all debris removed.

*Atlanta location | Estimated Shipping Costs:
– Within 30 miles of our shop in Canton: $230
– Outside of 30 Miles of our shop or out of state: Billed Separately

*Please note these are our best estimated costs for delivery, based on our recent experiences. When sending items freight, costs are subject to actual weight & dimensions of order. Prices are subject to change at anytime.

8. How do I pay?

We have the leisure of being a “custom-made” business. In many cases, we need to analyze each order to get accurate pricing instead of simply automating our pricing structure. (For example, you may be in search of a table that is shorter or longer or wider than our outlined, standard pricing.) We intend to make our pricing as clear and up front as possible, outlining our base prices (see our ordering page), but also showing you our additional costs for any optional upgrades. If you make a custom order directly on our website you will pay a small upfront amount until we are able to determine the true price of your order (custom pricing is located on each product page.) Once we analyze your customizations, we simply invoice you the difference, if needed, for final payment.

You are always welcome to contact us prior to placing your order to confirm your estimated pricing, so please let us know if we can help! (Email us at elise@rustictrades.com or call 678-365-0271.)

9. What if I need to cancel my order?

When you place an order with Rustic Trades Furniture, the full amount is due at that time excluding shipping/delivery. (See shipping and delivery pricing.) The cost of constructing your custom piece begins 15 days after we receive your order. Within those 15 days you are welcome to adjust any major details of your order or simply return your order for a full refund. Minor details like color options or add on options are considered minor changes to your order and can be adjusted several weeks after your order is placed.


You have 15 days after your purchase to cancel your order for a full refund. Since each table is made to order we cannot accept cancellations after 15 days, as your custom piece has been scheduled into our production pipeline, labor and materials for your order have been ordered and stocked, and the cost of constructing your custom piece is underway.

For all non custom, retail items (such as barn door hardware, chairs, lighting, etc) you have 15 days to cancel your order penalty free. After the 15 days, there is a 25% restocking fee + shipping fees. Once you have received and accepted these items at delivery, there are no returns.


We are building you an heirloom piece of furniture that is intended to create years of lasting memories and conversations! Our farm tables are solidly and uniquely made of real wood, some of which has been reclaimed and repurposed. By purchasing a Rustic Trades table (or any custom piece) you understand our rustic nature, and the inability to create two rustic tables alike. While we aim high to accommodate your customizations, it is good to have an expectation that aires more on the side of “rustic,” than perfectly manufactured.

If for some reason your custom order does not meet your expectations, this needs to be expressed upon delivery when receiving your table, and immediately returned with the delivery crew. If you refuse acceptance of your order upon delivery, we can then make arrangements to provide adjustments to meet your expectation and provide order modifications. An order modification simply means we will make adjustments to your order that meets your needs with an added delivery fee as well as potential additional expenses.

By choosing to accept your order on the day of delivery confirms you are fully accepting your order in its “as is,” unique, rustic condition… meaning you are fully satisfied to keep it forever! If you accept your order and then decide you want something changed with your table, there will be an adjustment charge of 10% of your total order plus a pickup and delivery fee, to make the change. In the unlikely, rare event where your table was damaged during delivery, we will attempt at restoring it to its former state or issue an exchange.


We stand by our product and believe our craftsmanship and materials are superior to mass produced, imported furniture. While we make our furniture to last generations, we guarantee our product for 3 months after delivery. What is covered in our 3 month warranty- Your dining table is made with real wood materials. Real wood moves with the seasons and humidity. Our rustic tables are made with the expectation that the wood will move. So, you will see some seams open and close during the change in seasons. This is expected and unavoidable. If we see that any damage is due to our craftsmanship or our material we will honor a warranty repair. What is not covered- We finish your table with the finest materials we can buy. If there is unlikely damage to the surface top coat (scratches, hot dishes, moisture rings) or color damage then we believe this falls outside of our craftsmanship and is not covered under warranty.

If after 3 months you are in need of repair of your dining table we are happy to attempt at restoring it to its former state and bill you for the repair. If you are out of town from our shop we are happy to help you find a local furniture repair professional who will supply work just as excellent as our team. We feel blessed to have committed, understanding customers, and we are confident you will love your farm table!

11. What if I am not ready to accept the table after it is built?

We understand that your house may be under construction or you may be undergoing a project where you need to extend your delivery date past the original date. We are able to hold onto your table for up to two weeks, but after that you will be charged accordingly. It is best for the tables to be put in temperature sensitive areas so it stays in the best condition upon delivery.

We hope this answers most of your questions! We are excited to do business with you. Please contact us if we can add any more clarity to our order process, or to begin in helping you create that perfect piece for your space!

12. How should I properly care for my new piece of furniture?

We strongly believe this will be an heirloom piece that will be in your family for generations to come. We feel it is important to guide you with the right information on caring for your table!

Cleaning : For cleaning, water on cloth is best. However if your table is unfinished it requires specific instructions. Please contact us if you have an unfinished table and have questions for cleaning!

Crumbs / Dust : If you have purchased a Farm-Seamed top you will inevitably get dust or crumbs in the cracks. A vacuum is an easy fix to rid of them. If you have a sticky substance in the cracks use a soft bristle brush and water.

Maintain A Quality Finish : Using water or natural/organic products for cleaning will ensure a longer lasting beautiful finish. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and cleaners. Keep heat off of the table by always use heating pads under hot items. This will help maintain the integrity of the finish.