It is October which means it’s time to bring out all of the festive fall decor and get ready for the holidays you will be hosting around your table!

Girls Gathering Around a Table with Pumpkins and a charcuterie board
Braylon Asterisk Table in Aged Oak.

Whether you just got a new table or you have your tried and true family gathering table, how you host and style it matters. How can you make this years holiday set up better than last?

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Host the Holidays like a Pro!

1. Create A Beautiful Table Center Piece

Styling a strand of fresh greenery through the center of your table is an easy way to amplify your holiday dining experience.

This simple look can easily be changed for every holiday. For Halloween and Thanksgiving, scatter some baby pumpkins throughout the greenery. Once Christmas season rolls around scatter candles or red accents throughout the greenery.

2. Set Your Table In A New Way

Grab a set of silverware, plates, and cups that differ from your normal dinner cutlery. Set each spot at the table with them and add a place card with each persons’s name. For our holiday look, we chose gold silverware, bright white plates, and vintage, textured glasses.

These few easy additions will make your table look more festive and stylish!

3. Food Your Guests Will Be Talking About

Hands setting up a charcuterie board in a kitchen with bread and cake on the counter

The food you fill your table with is one of the most important parts of any holiday gathering.

An easy appetizer that is suitable for any gathering is a charcuterie board. They are easy to assemble, fun to snack on, and always a crowd favorite. All you need is a few cheeses, meats, crackers, assorted nuts, and you have a gorgeous and delicious set up.

Use these tips to make your holiday gathering unlike any other.

charcuterie board with pumpkins on a table top

Now that you know how to host an amazing holiday gathering, here are a few helpful blog posts for customizing your table!

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