Macon, Bibb County, Georgia

Located in the smack middle of Georgia, Macon is the epitome of all that a southern city should be. The rich history of a city formed by a multitude of diverse influences has resulted in an iconic and thoroughly enjoyable place where the soul of the South is evident in everywhere. Macon has been shaped by the hands of many who all shared the common bond of deep affection for the city that they so dearly called home, an affection that has been passed down through the generations and can be still be observed today.

Fitting effortlessly into the old town Southern feel of life and home Rustic Trades Furniture is a beloved favorite of families looking to continue to pass down the legacy of what a home truly looks and feels like. Just as the people of Macon have not forgotten that the best things in life do not come easily, the skilled carpenters at Rustic Trades labor with love over the handmade pieces that will serve as the backdrop for countless precious memories.

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