Mazzi & Co.


Mazzi & Co. came to life from the interior design background of Sandie Tsai and Moroccan background of her partner Radouane Mazzi.

Design and heritage were the two principles that brought this business together and have kept it flourishing. Together they have created one of the largest selections of Moroccan rugs found stateside. The couple travels to Morocco often searching for the most beautiful, creative, and handmade pieces that will bring meaning and life into your space.

Mazzi & Co. has craftsmanship at the heart of everything they sell. Every piece they offer is incredibly detailed and will easily become a statement piece in your home.

We love supporting local artisans who are doing good and making beautiful things. The vibrant colors and beautiful detailing in their products are the perfect addition to your space or complement your new Rustic Trades table. Mazzi & Co. is a dear friend of Rustic Trades and we support them thoroughly!

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