Modern Industrial Furnishings

Our Design and Process

Modern Industrial Design is growing rapidly. This design is minimal and highlights warm neutrals, exposed beams, pipes, and ducts. It brings warmth into cool, minimal homes. Quality furniture and details are crucial in these minimal spaces to create the desired aesthetic and feel. The moody, modern home below is brought to completion by this custom Braylon Austin table.

Our line of Modern Industrial furnishings capitalizes on this with warm hardwood tops and heavy gauge, hand welded steel bases. The incorporation of steel alongside the hardwoods creates a beautiful composition. Our bases are designed with clean lines and welds, incorporating minimalism and strong character in each. We offer a a plethora of steel options for your available customization including more clean, matte or rustic, gritty options. A few of our popular options are shown below:

Every modern industrial table we offer is hand welded and built to order. Our welder takes time and precision to ensure your table is exactly as you desire. He utilizes heat to create the welds and keeps them clean to fit our cohesive look. Our talented welder has experience and will weld your table base to its desired specification. Once the table base is welded and the hardwood top is built by our craftsman, our team of craftsman will hand deliver the industrial table to your space and install it for you.

Some of our most popular modern industrial tables include the Braylon Asterisk, Braylon Austin (shown above), Braylon X-Farm, and Braylon I Beam. Every table can be customized with our array of high quality hardwoods and metals to create the perfect piece of furniture for any aesthetic home or office environment.  Shop our Modern Industrial line!