Modern Industrial Furnishings

Design + Process

Modern Industrial Design is growing rapidly. This design is minimal and includes highlighting warm neutrals, exposed beams, pipes, and ducts. It brings warmth into cool, minimal spaces.  Quality furniture and details are crucial in these minimal spaces.

Our line of Modern Industrial furnishings capitalizes on this with warm hardwood tops and rich steel bases. The metals alongside the wood creates a beautiful composition. Our bases are designed with clean lines and welds. There are a plethora of steel options for customization including more clean and matte or rustic and gritty.

So now, we invite you into our process, showing you our welder in action on a base just like this one above. Watch Our Welder in Action Below!

Some of our most popular modern industrial tables include: the Braylon Asterisk, Braylon Austin, Braylon X-Farm, and Braylon I Beam.

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