Our Story

O U R  S T O R Y

In 2007, my wife, Maggie, and I were newlyweds on a desperate hunt to find the big, beautiful farm table of our dreams. Our search led us to countless furniture stores, though we always left frustrated. The cost of the tables rarely matched the quality. That’s when I told Maggie I would build her a table, and it would be a table that would last our entire lives. No particle board, just real wood.

Soon after building our first table, friends and family began asking for one of their own. What started as a hobby and promise to my bride, unwittingly turned into a full-time pursuit.

In 2010 Rustic Trades Furniture was established. Each table was, and continues to be,  thoughtfully crafted by hand. The process was so personal, that we began to name our first table models after our own children. Allow me to introduce you to our brood:


This is Weston. He is kind-hearted, thoughtful, and always concerned with the well-being of others. He fits in well with all types of people. From his baseball team to a group of adults, Weston will never shy away from any setting.  

The Weston table has evolved into five variations, though each maintains the signature balustrade design. The base options can accommodate many different sized needs and, just like our son, will fit in well to many different environments. Check out our Weston models here.


This is Emerson. She is creative, soft-spoken and thorough at everything she puts her mind too.

The Emerson table is one of our more compact trestle-style designs, which maximizes seating and legroom around the table. It’s a quiet workhorse, with a classic appearance that doesn’t solicit too much attention. Check out the Emerson table here.




Last but not least is our youngest, Braylon. She is a firecracker that attracts attention everywhere she goes. She is tough as steel and plays hard.

We named all of our metal industrial bases after Braylon. We offer a wide range of designs to inspire many unique compositions. Check out our Braylon series here. 


We hope Rustic Trades Furniture can be part of your family’s story. Call or email us, we’d love to start working on your next piece of furniture.