Our Story

Our Story

“I promised Maggie that I would build her a table.”

The story of Rustic Trades Furniture started with the same need you may find yourself with as you read this: My wife and I needed a dining table.

We looked everywhere for the big, beautiful farm table of our dreams. As newlyweds, we moved into our new house in 2007. We were just married and facing a rough time like many Americans then. So, with no furniture we left our television on the floor and turned our attention to finding the perfect dining table.

Our search led us to countless furniture stores and warehouses, but we always left frustrated. The cost of the tables we found rarely matched the quality. When we thought we found the perfect rustic, farm table, we were blown away by the poor quality compared to the price.

That’s when I told Maggie I’d build her a farm table. And it would be a table that would last our entire lives. No particleboard, just real wood.

What started with a promise to my bride turned into a hobby and in 2010 Rustic Trades Furniture was established. Each dining table is made differently and with lasting quality that’s hard to find in a furniture store.

These days I’m focused on improving each farm table every time I make one. I’m always researching and improving the stains, finish and quality of each table because I understand the investment you’re making. I know this isn’t just another piece of furniture for you. For some of you, this dining table could hold countless family meals and last for generations. For others, it’s a piece of art that can’t be put on a wall.

We hope Rustic Trades Furniture can be part of your family’s story. Call or email us, we’d love to start working on your next piece of furniture.Clay_Adams_Signature