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The Maxwell table was inspired and named after our late brother, Max, who tragically lost his life at the young age of 20 years old.  Max remains very much alive around our own family’s table, where we regularly reminisce and swap stories about all that he packed into those two brief, abundant decades. Max was laid-back, with a witty personality that could entertain any crowd. He was adventurous and a free-spirit, but mostly, he radiated a positive, gregarious energy to anyone in his path. No matter who you were, where you had been, or how long he had known you, he welcomed you in.

The Maxwell table embodies all of those qualities with a simple, relaxed and inviting style. We hope that you, too, find the Maxwell to be a place of boundless gathering.

Notes about this design:
– 6ft is the smallest recommended size, otherwise, the leg room will not be very comfortable.
– For any table over 9ft, the “X” on the trestle will not extend all the way to the ends in order to keep the X shape.