The Jameson Pedestal

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The Jameson was our first pedestal design. The Jameson evokes relaxed comfort, coupled with clean lines and stylish appeal. The versatility of this design allows for a single pedestal to support any shape top or can be modified to a trestle style to allow for additional seating.


Top Clearance: 27.5″
Breadboard ends (for rectangle): 6ft and under- 10″ bread boards, 7ft and longer- 12″ bread boards

*Pictures Shown
First: 72″ Jameson, Slate Grey on Cherry, Standard Rusticness
Second: 60″ Jameson, Signature Dark on Cherry, Standard Rusticness
Last: 48″ Jameson, Weathered reclaimed oak wax finish on Oak, Standard Rusticness

Need inspiration for your custom Jameson? Check out these completed projects!


Our Jameson model marries the heart of the rustic design with an square or circular top supported by a single, hearty pedestal base.  Perfect for breakfast nooks and large dining spaces alike, The Jameson is the ideal table for dining and conversations with your guests.


The Jameson Rustic Pedestal Table is made entirely of cherry and poplar hardwood. Cherry is known for its bold grain patterns and color which both add tremendous depth to the finish. The  stain brings out the natural wear and tear of the wood and gives each piece a uniqueness that cannot be copied.


Round top
48" Round Pedestal (Seats 4) $1850
60" Round Pedestal (Seats 6) $2050
72" Round Pedestal (seats 8) $2880

Square top
48" square Pedestal (Seats 4) $1850
60" squarePedestal (Seats 6) $2150
72" square Pedestal (seats 8) $2900

Rectangle/Oval top
60" Long x 36" wide x 30" tall (seats 4) $1850
72" Long x 38" wide x 30" tall (seats 4-6) $2000
84" Long x 40" wide x 30" tall (seats 6-8) $2350

For “custom dimension” orders, pricing for The Jameson Square/Rectangle Pedestal is based on surface area of the table top with a minimum price of $1850. To get an accurate price for your custom table, use the calculations below. Surface area pricing for Round and Rectangle Jameson is (.74). Pricing for a square Jameson Pedestal table is (.63). For pricing on custom round tables please contact us!

  • (Surface Area) x (.74)= Table Price 
    • Surface area= Length x Width
    • Example: For a table 72in long by 38in wide: (72 x 38) x .74= $2024


Top Clearance: 27.5"