outdoor farm trestle table
outdoor trestle farm table

Emerson Outdoor Table

Start Building at $2000

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We love outfitting dining spaces with farm tables and completing the look of your favorite room in the house… But during the warm summer months we know it’s important to have a comfortable outdoor space you are proud too!

Our Emerson Outdoor Dining table is the perfect addition to your outdoor living area. We have woods and finishes that are more suitable for exterior environments so don’t be afraid to liven up your patio or open air space!

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Top Clearance: 27.5″
Head Overhang: 5ft: 8″, 6ft: 8″, 7ft: 10″, 8ft: 13″, 9ft: 14″, 10ft: 15″
Breadboard ends: 6ft and under- 10″ bread boards, 7ft and longer- 12″ bread boards

*Pictures Shown
First-second: 8ft Emerson, Signature Dark on White Oak, Matching bench and bench with back
Third-fourth: 8ft Emerson Trestle, Conversion Varnish on Thermally Modified Ash, Matching bench and bench with back


The Emerson was designed while founders Clay and Maggie Adams were expecting their first daughter, Emerson. There were many requests for a trestle design to help maximize leg room and seating around the table. Since its creation, the Emerson has been our most popular dining table.


The Emerson is thoughtfully crafted by hand in our shops in Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado Areas. The legs are milled and shaped from large, rough timbers and perfectly arranged to allow easy leg and knee mobility.

Made with cherry and poplar hardwoods, our signature color is a multi-layered dark stain with a satin lacquer finish.The stain brings out the natural wear and tear of the wood and gives each piece a uniqueness that cannot be duplicated. The top appears rough but is smooth to the touch. All who have seen or own this table love the beautifully dark, signature, rustic brown color that is hard to find anywhere else.

We have two leg variations available; curved or straight. These options can be viewed and selected at our online store.


60" Long x 36" wide x 30" tall (seats 4) $2000
72" Long x 38" wide x 30" tall (seats 4-6) $2150
84" Long x 40" wide x 30" tall (seats 6) $2350
96" Long x 42" wide x 30" tall (seats 8) $2800
108" Long x 44" wide x 30" tall (seats 8) $3350

For “custom dimensions” orders, pricing for The Emerson Trestle Table is based on surface area of the table top with a starting price of $2000. To get an accurate price for your custom table, please use the calculations below.

(Surface Area) x (.74)= Table Price
Surface area= Length x Width
Example: For a table 90in long by 40in wide: (90 x 40) x .74= $2664