Braylon Triangle Outdoor Table


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Standard Bench Dimensions

Seat height: 18″
Seat width/depth: 16″

Bench with Back Dimensions

Seat height: 18″
Seat width/depth: 20″
Back height: 32″

Braylon Bench (Metal Base) Dimensions

Seat height: 18″
Seat width/depth: 16″

Table Height

Table Height

Outdoor Hardwood

What outdoor hardwood would you like?* All smooth slatted tops will be approximately 1.5″ thick.


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Umbrella Holder

Would you like an umbrella holder added to the center of your table?

Base Color

What color would you like for your table base?

We have many metal colors to choose from, our most popular are listed in the dropdowns below. Interested in something a little different? Connect with our team!


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