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Colorado’s most vibrant towns were once remote mining camps, booming with geological discoveries. Telluride, now know for its world class ski terrain, was originally occupied by pioneers making claim to silver and gold.

Exploring the area in present day, you can discover historic mining pulleys or old railways supported by the same iconic truss design: two boards crossing over one another to create a simple yet sturdy “X” shape. Our Telluride design is an ode to those rugged days on the Colorado frontier.


The Telluride Trestle is our latest trestle model in our farm dining tables. Add a true Americana rustic touch to your dining room or kitchen with the Telluride Trestle.


60″ Long x 36″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 4) $2000
72″ Long x 38″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 4-6) $2150
84″ Long x 40″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 6) $2350
96″ Long x 42″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 8) $2850
108″ Long x 44″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 8) $3350

For “custom dimensions” orders, pricing for The Telluride Trestle is based on surface area of the farm table top with a starting price of $2000. 


Top Clearance: 27.5″
Head Overhang: 5ft: 8″, 6ft: 8″, 7ft: 10″, 8ft: 13″, 9ft: 14″, 10ft: 15″
Breadboard ends: 6ft and under- 10″ bread boards, 7ft and longer- 12″ bread boards

*Pictures shown:
All images are the Telluride Trestle in Driftwood Oak