Weston Trestle farm table in a dining room
weston trestle dining table

Weston Trestle

Start building at $2,500.00


Named after RT founder Clay Adams first born son, The Weston was designed in response to several requests for a more detailed, curvy base to complement our rustic table tops. We responded to the demand for a rustic farm table with a hint of elegance and femininity with the Weston Trestle.

The Weston is a statement farm table; designed to be sophisticated yet versatile. The robust columns are hand carved from hardwood timbers and constructed in a manner that is strong, solid, and true. With custom selections, you can turn the Weston into a sleek, refined formal dining table, or revere the rustic elements for casual gatherings.

72″ Long x 38″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 4-6) $2520
84″ Long x 40″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 6) $3100
96″ Long x 42″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 8-10) $3710
108″ Long x 44″ wide x 30″ tall (seats 10-12) $4380

For “custom dimensions” orders, pricing is based on surface area of the table top with a starting price of $2550. 


Top Clearance (30in tall able): 28.25″
Head Overhang: 5ft: 8″, 6ft: 10″, 7ft: 12″, 8ft: 13″, 9ft: 14″, 10ft: 15″
Breadboard ends: 6ft and under- 10″ bread boards, 7ft and longer- 12″ bread boards

*Pictures shown:
1. Slate Gray on Cherry
2-4. Georgia Brown on Cherry
5-6. Natural Walnut

The Weston pairs perfectly with any meal from an classy Thanksgiving feast, adorned with the families finest china, to a lazy Sunday afternoon of sweet tea and fried chicken. Each piece of The Weston is completely hand made by our team in Atlanta, Georgia. The main curvy column is shaped from solid timbers and constructed in a manner that is strong, solid and true.

Color is a multi-layered dark brown/black rub with a satin lacquer finish. The top appears rough but is smooth to the touch. All who have seen or own this table love the beautifully dark, signature, rustic brown color that is hard to find anywhere else.