Suwanee, Forsyth County, Georgia

Just a short, and incredibly beautiful, drive North of Atlanta Suwanee is the perfect suburban backdrop to raise a family in. This rapidly developing area, although increasing in diversity and welcoming in many new community members still possesses an unshakable southern identity that is tangible everywhere. Whether it be the caring community, the kindness of a stranger or the peaceful way of living, every aspect of Suwanee is enjoyable and a wonderful place to call a home.

In this rapidly changing area, families are looking for ways to maintain their roots while moving into a brighter better future. Rustic Trades furniture does exactly that by taking nostalgic farm style pieces and adapting them to your modern home. By taking a little bit of yesterday’s magic of handmade loved staple pieces to create memories around it gives you the ability to remember where you came from while you chase down tomorrow’s dreams.