“Our hope is that your order experience is easy and comfortable.”


By making payment on your invoice you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to all of the terms and conditions listed below.


We intend to make our pricing as clear and upfront as possible, outlining our base prices for each table model (see our ordering page) but also showing you our additional costs for any optional upgrades. If you place your custom order directly through the website the price will adjust according to your custom details and reflect the total (less delivery for out-of-state customers) due at that time.

You are always welcome to contact us prior to placing your order to confirm your estimated pricing, so please let us know if we can help! (Email us at order@rustictrades.com or call 678-365-0271.


To secure your spot in our production pipeline, full payment is required for your custom furniture at the time of placing your order.


Once you have secured your spot in production with full payment, you have two weeks to make any changes or edits to your order. We can best accommodate these changes if you contact us as soon as possible that way we can be sure to have the materials needed to keep you on schedule. Please note that any additional changes made to your order after the 2 week mark may add a delay to your production schedule.


Custom Items: You have 15 days after your purchase to cancel your order for a full refund. After 15 days you may still request a cancellation if your project has not been started. If approved, a 25% cancellation fee will apply.

Retail Items: Most retail items purchased through third-party vendors are not refundable due to vendor policies. Please ensure you understand which items on your order fall into this category before purchasing.

Lead Time / How long does it take to get my order?

We have limited in stock items on our Showroom floor. The majority of our orders are custom made to order. The timeline for completion varies depending on several factors. We are constantly updating our production timeline to be as accurate as possible, but a given timeline is an estimate and is subject to change during the production process. Your sales associate will inform you of the current timeline and any expectations that may be a factor for your custom order. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding if you may experience any variation to your timeline.


Pick up, Local White Glove, and Long Distance

You are welcome to pick up your custom piece from our production facility in Canton for free. Please bring the appropriate sized vehicle and equipment necessary to transport your custom piece safely home. Our craftsmen will be more than happy to help you load and secure your order. We also offer a local White glove delivery for customers in the Atlanta area. For long distance, you’re welcome to coordinate your own delivery from our shop, or we can schedule a third party delivery.


At Rustic Trades Furniture and Refined Industrial, it is paramount to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are building an heirloom piece of furniture that is intended to create years of lasting memories and conversations! Our products are crafted with the highest quality materials. Please keep in mind these items are not mass produced. Each piece is handmade, custom, and no two pieces are identical.

By making this purchase you are agreeing to the detailed specifications as stated on your invoice. It is expected that you fully understand the custom details of your order. If you are unhappy with a finished product that was built to your custom specifications, changes will require additional fees.


If a product issue arises due to our craftsmanship within the first 6 months we will make the necessary repairs at no cost.  If a complaint or issue is due to a customer requested specification, the normal tendencies and limits of the materials used, or improper use/maintenance of said item, it would NOT fall under the craftsmanship guarantee.

What is covered in our 6 month warranty- Your table is made with real wood materials. Real wood moves with the seasons and humidity. Our tables are made with the expectation that the wood will move. So, you will see some seams open and close during the change in seasons. This is expected and unavoidable. However, while it is extremely rare, we want to ensure our customers that any abnormal splitting, warping, or cracking on the tabletop surface will be repaired or replaced. If we see that any damage is due to our craftsmanship we will honor a warranty repair.

What is not covered- We finish your table with the finest materials. If there is unlikely damage to the surface topcoat (scratches, hot dishes, moisture rings) or color damage then this falls outside of our craftsmanship and is not covered under warranty. Normal wear and tear including surface scratches that occur with regular use, damage which result from improper use and lack of care or negligence is not covered. Additionally, damage related to sun exposure is not covered. If you’re in need of a repair, we will be happy to connect you with a local furniture repair company.

Characteristics of your Custom Project

All of our standard indoor tables are made with solid American hardwoods. However, different types of wood and building materials are available upon request. Please ensure that your chosen material meets the durability of your intended use. Below are several characteristics that are common and may be relevant to your custom piece.

  1. Bases: Many of our bases are made with a different material than the top. This adds to the uniqueness of each piece and does not affect the quality of the product. Make sure you are aware of your chosen base material.
  2. Finishes: All finishes are hand applied to each piece. Due to the custom nature and natural characteristics of the materials used, each piece is unique in its color variation.
  3. Epoxy Fill: Unless specified on your order, holes and open knots will be filled with a solid black resin.
  4. Natural Variation: The photos below illustrate how the same wood species can have variations in color and patterns. Due to natural variations, each finished piece may look different from the individual samples. Your project is distinct and will carry its own unique coloration, texture, and grain. Variation is expected and enhances the beauty, character, and natural features of the wood.
  5. Movement: Movement in solid wood is normal and to be expected. Humidity and temperature influence these variances greatly. It is not common for this movement to cause issues or damage the longevity and structural integrity of your table.
  6. Bowties: The use of bowtie/key joinery adds creative interest and functional stability to your piece. If bowties are requested or required options on location and color will be reviewed with you.

Rustic Level of your Custom Piece

There are many different expectations of what “rustic” looks like so it is important that you understand what you are ordering. Depending on the species selected, the rustic availability will vary. All material arrives with varying amounts of knots and holes. Our craftsmen then sort through the material to create your selected custom rustic look.

  • Heavy: Heavy rustic should have significant features like long, deep knots and unique holes. A heavy rustic table will have several knots/depressions on some of the boards as well as a few holes varying in size.
  • Standard:  Standard rustic may or may not have a few small knots and holes that average around the size of a dime.
  • Clean: Clean rustic should have very small to no holes, limited small knots, and close to no depressions.  With clean rustic, we typically fill knots and holes with epoxy. The wood used for a clean top is usually a select grade lumber.

 *Please ensure you have referenced and understand your selected rustic level. Samples are available in our Showroom or upon request. 

How should I properly care for my new furniture?

Cleaning and care is different for each custom piece. Reference our care instructions here.

We feel blessed to have committed, understanding customers, and we are confident you will love your table.