We were so inspired by a recent customer with her unique table build idea. When working with her, we noticed how creative her thoughts and ideas were and we immediately became excited to dive right in!

The mission was to build an Emerson Trestle Table that could act as two separate dining tables. One amazing table that turned into two unique creations!
We were so honored to be able to share in this customer’s moment of inspiration by creating a table that could not only accommodate her own family gatherings but could be ever inviting to future guests and facilitate all of her entertaining needs!

At Rustic Trades we are always proud to say that our customers are truly amazing!
Thank you for forever upholding the family unit and enriching the beauty of family values that continuously impact our world!

The best materials used, made with the most love, used for the happiest of times!

A philosophy of love through craftsmanship.





Serving Atlanta, Georgia, Denver Colorado and elsewhere!

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