The Weston Double Pedestal

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The Weston Double Pedestal was designed to offer a pedestal base that ensures stability and support for a large farm table. The double pedestal is a unique option if a 7’+ dining table is desired, but a pedestal base is preferred instead of a trestle.

The two robust columns of the double pedestal are paired together to offer a balanced look with ample support for large farm tables. The columns are hand-carved from hardwood timbers and constructed in a manner that is strong, solid, and true. With custom selections, you can turn the Weston into a sleek, refined formal dining table, or revere the rustic elements for casual gatherings.

*Pictures shown:
First-third: 9′ Oval Weston Double Pedestal, Signature dark on Cherry, Minimal Rusticness, Leaf extensions
Fourth: Rectangle Weston Double Pedestal

Need inspiration for how to design your custom Double Weston? Check out this previous project!

The Weston pairs perfectly with any meal from an classy Thanksgiving feast, adorned with the families finest china, to a lazy Sunday afternoon of sweet tea and fried chicken. Each piece of The Weston is completely hand made by our team in Atlanta, Georgia. The main curvy column is shaped from solid timbers and constructed in a manner that is strong, solid and true.

Color is a multi-layered dark brown/black rub with a satin lacquer finish. The top appears rough but is smooth to the touch. All who have seen or own this table love the beautifully dark, signature, rustic brown color that is hard to find anywhere else.