The Harris Pedestal

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The Harris Trestle was originally a custom table design for a customer. After sharing the base design on social media, it quickly gained quick traction and customers were eager for it. We responded to the popularity and added the Harris Trestle as a part of our signature collection. The Harris ended up being one of our most sold table models in 2020. Because of the Harris Trestle’s undeniable popularity, we knew we had to add the Harris Pedestal to our signature collection in 2021!


The Harris Pedestal is one of our Modern Farmhouse tables. This hardwood pedestal table is a perfect option if you’re looking for a versatile base design. Depending on the material, top style, and rustic level you select – the Harris Pedestal has the ability to look as modern or traditional as you desire!

The table is crafted entirely out of solid American hardwoods without looking too rustic. It is an adjustable, multifunctional table design that is fitting for most style homes. The Harris Pedestal would be perfect for a kitchen breakfast nook an easy place for casual, everyday meals to be shared. It could also be customized for a formal dining room where birthdays, thanksgivings, and formal occasions are shared. Every Harris Pedestal table design is thoughtfully crafted in Canton, Georgia by our team of talented craftsmen.

Take a look at the photo of the Harris Trestle that started the Harris furniture collection!


48″ Round Harris Pedestal Starts at $3200

54″ Round Harris Pedestal Starts at $33230

60″ Round Harris Pedestal Starts at $3990

66″ Round Harris Pedestal Starts at $4830

72″ Round Harris Pedestal Starts at $4830

*Pictures shown:

First: Harris Rectangle Pedestal Table – Top and Base crafted out of Natural Hickory hardwoods with a pure finish

Second: Harris Oval Pedestal Table (Digital Rendering) in Walnut Stained Walnut